Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Four New Terror Groups Discovered

I mentioned in an earlier blog post, the one about the PM's speech at the Nikkei Conference which LKY used as an annual opportunity to share what he thought he was seeing in his crystal ball. I thought the PM completely missed the role of religion in shaping events and security. Looks like I didn't have to wait wrong.

The idea virus which inspires terrorism and the overthrow of governments will not die so soon. We are akin to battling zombies and they keep manufacturing new ones to hurl at us. We have no idea how to kill off this terrible idea virus. We only know how to keep securing, defending and attacking them waiting for God knows when the idea virus is exhausted.

See how far their dogged will have brought them but I think this caliph was too impatient and he will eventually lose. But they keep trying and they are more motivated than their competitors and that is the problem. For how long must we suffer them?

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