Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Archie died saving a gay friend

Archie died saving a gay friend. I am glad they chose a gay theme because a gay person is not less worthy than a straight one. These are the sort of good messages the media and activists should keep sending out. But to expand their space without regard to others who haven't caught up with understanding what it meant to be LGBT, it is only kind and gracious for the LGBTs to be more patient. I can't support their effort to be accepted if their love is confined only to their own kind. Show me you are better than the fundamentalist Christians and Evangelicals or I can't support you.


  1. Like in any other posting, render respect to others and respect will be given unto thee. Seemingly asserting one's own rights is no different from forcing others to conform. Don't kill whatever little respect and tolerance already available here in Singapore! Think of others whom you have to live with

  2. Sorry
    corr : like in my previous posting re NLB - I am addressing to those who want to "remake" the world for their own selves.