Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Workplace happiness survey launched

Remind me not to trust the results of this survey when it is completed and published. They have totally no regard for taking an unbiased sample. This is a gimmick as anyone an just log in and participate. A cheap marketing ploy by the Align Group and SHRI complete disregard to its credibility and brand.

On the other hand everyone is doing these sort of useless projects these days. You lose out and die when people forget about you. In this sense you have no choice. Therefore readers and consumers simply have to learn to be more discerning and eventually call the bluff. It would be a long wait.

Everyone is so short term these days but they also claim to be long term focused because that is what the public want to hear. This government not excepted. We are going to pay a heavy price down the road.


  1. Amazing Singapore!!!

    If surveys were conducted like the one below, Singapore will go down the drain faster as long as rain falls. Those people who were responsible for this survey should be sacked without delay.

    A survey made made on Government's Pioneer Generation Package and respondents ranged from 15 years old upwards were polled. See:http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/4-in-10-polled-unaware-of/1078548.html.

    Why 15 year olds and above have any reasons to think of the weighty matter that are only relevant to those aged 65 and above is rather beyond me.

    Yet Channel News Asia online reported on the results of the survey and draw conclusions from the survey and make a claim that 4 in 10 polled were unaware of the benefits of Government's generous handout.

    The head of the Government's Feed Back Unit is obviously ignorant that anyone above 65 years old and can use a computer can find out on eligibility by keying in the NRIC numbers.

    Shame, shame and more shame to those who seemed to believe they are in charge of the lives of Singaporeans.

  2. Can anyone believe in such crap surveys anymore? LIes, lies, damned lies. If the people who should care bother to get down to the ground to listen they don't need any survey. Why pay for all these "experts" to cook up desired outcomes?