Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wheelchairs at Gardens by the Bay

From the ST two days ago.

I never fail to see some visitors on wheelchairs at the gardens by the bay. This is one of the best feature of the place, making it extremely wheelchair friendly.

The government is clearly pulling out all the stops to make the pioneer generation feel wanted. Words won't do, hence the Pioneer Generation Package. I am also impressed with this 10 year old ability to connect with his age polar opposite a 96 year old. My kids could not understand, much less speak Teochew and Cantonese. They didn't spend enough time with their grand parents, and their early demise of course didn't help matters.

In her senior years tulips replaced roses as my late mom favorite flowers. Pity she couldn't stay long enough to visit the flower dome. She doesn't even need to be in her 90s. If only she could lived to 73, she would have made it here last year. At least we brought her to Floriade in 2002.

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