Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The B777 isn't here. Where?

For a while I have been nursing the dark thought that this was a plot to bring down the Malaysian government. I always hope I was wrong and the search team have found the black box by now. We have watched many episodes of Natgeo Air Crash Investigations to know that you must find debris from the plane even as you are near the black box. So it is no surprise that they finally admit they could very well be searching in the wrong place. Where is the right place then? Who knows? In other words we may never locate the whereabouts of the Boeing 777.

I needed more 'evidence' for my conspiracy idea. MH 192 burst tire provided that.

Truly when no sensible hypotheses could be suggested for MH 370 disappearance, can you help not speculating. We must not take any of these wild theories too seriously but the ability to speculate is also how investigators might continue to investigate. How to begin if you simply say you do not know?

Time to consider who, what and why might be trying to bring down the Malaysian government.


  1. ... whoever engineered the MH incidents has no concern for the innocent people caught therein. The evil that INhuman people do. Hell has arrived!

  2. brother, you might have missed this. Another sad day for the world we live in!!
    Muslims not encouraged to use ‘RIP’, says National Fatwa Council BY MOHD FARHAN DARWIS April 17, 2014
    and I go with the following feedback -
    The National Fatwa Council is wrong in assuming that God's blessings will not be bestowed on the non-Muslim. It is only Allah's blessings (Allah as defined by UMNO) that may not be bestowed. And that is quite fine I would assume!
    These people are paranoid. And trying to put God into a pigeon hole.
    God looks at our heart and our intention, not so much what or how we say.
    Please do not preempt God with our bigoted views of God.

  3. The Latest Flight MH-370 Shocker: A Two-Ton Cargo Mystery

    and the day before :
    Voice Recording From Missing Flight MH370 Was Edited