Wednesday, April 30, 2014

President's Book Award 2014

My daughter emailed this to me six days ago. This morning I have to decide if I would keep or delete this.

I can't remember if I had blogged about her rejecting the NUS scholarship interview. They had short listed her when she didn't even apply. A few days later this came.

I am only speculating. Perhaps those with results like hers are mostly lost to foreign top colleges? But she isn't ready to go overseas and I hope she would in the next few years. We are working towards that.

Meanwhile her younger sister is feeling the pressure because she knows she can at least do as well as her elder sister since she has no learning disability. Actually she is disabled by a very sophisticated laziness. Just because the doctors refused to identify that as a disability doesn't mean it isn't. She regularly under performs and than out perform at the critical moment. She collects too many most improved prizes.

Last night I reminded her that sloth is one of the seven deadly sins. Don't be like the servant with one talent and goes to bury it in the ground, and I reminded her she isn't given one but five talents. Even the teachers have stopped worrying about her when she under perform in tests. However I warned her last night that the hare woke up late and lost to the tortoise.

What did they say about first born winners? The learning disabled girl is the first born who rose to the occasion.

It is how you finish that counts.

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