Wednesday, April 2, 2014

PISA: We're No.1 in problem solving skills

Our teenagers one point edge over South Korea is as good as they sharing the pole position with us as the best in problem solving.

We should be very happy but the South Koreans should be a mile happier than us. They do not need to compete directly with foreigners like we do. When we attract the best from other places to come here, our top scores do not go as far. We are no match for the offsprings of Plutocracy and Parentocracy. The Shanghai kids if they choose to come here out of a city population of 14 million isn't going to be the number six ranked. He or she is from a privileged background. which our high world beating average cannot compete.

I agree with the PM 100% that we cannot afford to relax. I am glad he had made this point.

From hiring organizations point of view, all school systems are broken. To be practical they pick the best among the bad. So by the real yardstick of economic and life relevance let's be sensible and remind ourselves this laurel and accolade actually isn't as meaningful as hoped. Indeed we must press on. We are not competing with other school systems, we are fighting to close the gap with the children of the Plutocrats, the beneficiaries of Parentocracy. We have a long way to go but if we fail this whole place fail because the social and economic gaps will in time tear us apart.

We have no time for LKY bad hereditary theory of intelligence and talent because it is a politically bankrupt idea. Even if his idea were grounded in Science which I think not, society progress demand we respect each other as equals or we would find ourselves in due course we have no society or homes here.

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