Tuesday, April 1, 2014

NTU sends early acceptance

Closing date to apply to NTU is today but the daughter got her acceptance letter from them yesterday. Of course this isn't unique. She has heard of those with very good results also receiving their acceptance letters from NTU. There is also a second letter from the school she accepted to.

We are waiting for NUS. These days you cannot be sure you can get what you want even if you have perfect scores. There are just simply so many students also with the same results.

But as much as we could, we have always taken the road less traveled. I very much welcome the essay by David Brooks in the NYT today. It may be too idealistic but I think just to see 50% of it becoming reality is already a dream come true. In real life what is more likely is hiring practice bending away from today's sold called best practice.

David Brooks had put the cart before the horse but I know the forces are already emerging to right today's excess.

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