Saturday, April 26, 2014

NS: Parag Khanna absurd suggestion

Ah this Parag Khanna again. I almost always disagree with him. To me he just doesn't get it and I am glad many commenters do.

NS is about our security first and last. Anything else you do with it please check its original purpose first, which will never change.

And why did the paper even bother to waste space for a column by Khanna is beyond me. This guy is even more mistaken than AWARE protests against additional benefits for NSmen. AWARE as usual fails to see the larger picture.


  1. He should have started by asking what's National Service. Anyway, this may not be his idea. You asked why certain people are given regular columns in the ST. Not for their original thinking I am sure.

  2. ... and what about our police force??
    check this out