Friday, April 11, 2014

Manful Job and 'Boyful' retraction

Boy, the good Dr. Lim Wee Kiak is once again caught with his foot in his mouth. It is not easy to be an PAP MP because you cannot be yourself but you are told to be. Also how could you get a perfect record of second guessing the big bosses. Senior civil servants have the same unenvious task as well. I never got close to the political big shots but I have seen up close some of the small LKYs and how their underlings also mightily struggled with what to say or do to please the boss.

This is a terrible habit which is guaranteed to bring us down if we don't break it. In the past the top man can hold everything or enough in his head, these days we are experts in our areas and the top people must take advice or we would fail.

Why not Lim Wee Kiak do a manful retraction of his 'boyful' retraction. Give us some hope eh?

Not a chance. Most PAP MPs are just Yes-men and that's why they aren't getting the respect they crave for.


  1. manful? it's gov who show no confidence in handling differences

    that is not manful

    now look up.... again, look up.. ah u see the head?

    probably the head is not manful as well