Saturday, April 5, 2014

Dr. Tan Lai Yong footprints

A masterstroke to the Christian witness how Susan Leong had begun the article. It cannot be lost on readers who are more familiar with the Gospel of Prosperity how the Gospel of Dr. Tan is so different.

I have a flood of thoughts as I read this piece yesterday. They are too disorganized to be posted here but I am sure I will not lose them either. In other words there is no need to write about them.

I share his views about the misplaced reasons of some people wanting to become doctors and he could be more specific - disillusionment at age 35 more or less. This reminds me of one of our family doctors who seems to wear a permanent frown these days.

His mom attitude toward face and mine are the same. I feel the pressure and burden the ex classmate's boy must have felt when his parents wanted him to be a doctor or lawyer.

In my mind there are strong links from Francis of Assisi to Mother Teresa, Shane Clairborne and now Dr. Tan Lai Yong. The picture isn't complete but I can sense that I am getting there.

Update: 5:00 pm

Excellent. Someone copied and pasted this article to his/her Evernote. ST is cheapskate, only allowing subscribers to look back at most a week.

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  1. Indeed, here is a medical professional who stands in the path of the Light. We must pray for so many others who don't that they will respond to the real calling of serving fellow people rather than hoping to strike rich exploiting people's medical plight.