Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Commodity Smartphones

Caught this on the paper version of  Digital Life early this morning. Xiaomi and Redmi arrived first, now this. Rumors had it that Amazon will be launching a smart phone too. Now the blind and deaf also cannot missed this: smartphones are now commodities. Meanwhile Apple has failed to find a blazing successor to the ageing iPhone and Samsung doesn't have a leader to follow. When it tried to lead, it did a bad job with Gear.

Basically the industry has to wait for innovative and curious new technologies to design the next generation of nobody is imagining product. There will be another Steve Jobs by another name just as you might see Steve as a version of Henry Ford or Akio Morita. I suppose he or she (why not) isn't with Apple, Sony and certainly not Ford. But I think that person is likely to be American.

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