Saturday, April 5, 2014

Brendan Eich Resignation: Homosexuals have pushed it too far this time

This thing is all over the news. I read it from various sources yesterday and someone also just forwarded it from bloomberg. I can even hear in my mind Lawrence Khong saying, "I told you so" Actually I never needed him to say that. You have to be living on another planet not to know that all these are coming.

My position is the same as Pope Francis: Who am I to judge? But this time the homosexuals are going too far. Brendan Eich rights have been denied.

Homosexuality is a travesty of God's laws and this can never be negotiated into virtue. Don't tell me it is love between two persons of the same sex. What make you so sure you know what love is? We don't even understand well the love between a man and woman in a marriage we are supposedly familiar with. But how we treat homosexuals when we ourselves are sinners is a different thing and that is where Ps Khong got it wrong.

My worry about the homosexuals community here is they want to grow their space in a hurry. At some point they will face a violent push back from the larger society and will end up losing some space. Don't be wishful, that is how it works here. Just look at what has happened in Little India. Homosexuals should just pace themselves and only take the space society is willing to give the community. Between now and then if God choose to send judgement or continue to pour our amazing grace, who am I to judge? Similar judgement could befall the Christians before the homosexuals receive an ounce of judgement since Christians have too many pet sins to enumerate. And what is their greatest sin? It is the poverty of love, the one and only cause for loneliness and separation everywhere. Among us, I thank God for Dr. Tan Lai Yong.

So what is love?


  1. Let the person without sin cast the first stone
    We are at the brink of a human apocalypse - do we intend to hasten that?

  2. If your God is ever so powerful to punish anyone for their sins, is there any personal reason for you to worry about homosexuals getting married together?

  3. With such radical views, Eich would serve well as a rightwing preacher in the mould of Lawrence Khong than a CEO .
    For a person of his position, doesn't he know he needs to accomodate all peoples, whatever their faith,color, creed, political and sexual leanings?.

  4. I kind of believe alien does exist than anything else. I am not religion and human are very backward so to speak. Who knows, Alien might be gay from another planet larger than earth. How "gay" Alien reproduced? simply by having a heart of love and passion to be able to self-reproduced and that is how the world should be, built upon self-reproduction thru own act of kindness. Those cruel black-hearted greedy soul, cannot self reproduced Did I say there were many planets larger than earth, we certainly have room for more kindness to be borned that way. We never know, do we?

  5. Indeed there are many things we haven't managed to comprehend including "gay alien" The Creator has no doubt infused varieties in His Work or else all of us will be talking like say the likes of apostle Kong without acknowledging that we are not alone and that we are far from perfect. I am sure a caring Creator has not wanted any of us to impose our so-called values (some can be quite warped, if that is the word for them) or exert our rights (like the smoker claiming his entitlement to enjoy his stick at the expense of passive smokers). There is nothing wrong to state one's stand but the first step to mutual understanding of the matter is to display equitable respect.

  6. You, sir, are a classic bigot who talks about gay people as if they were subhuman. They have every right not to be discriminated against and the more you treat them with contempt, the more history will frown upon your bigotry which is no different from racism.