Monday, April 21, 2014

Bertha Henson: No more august ST

Bertha Henson is right to point out this glaring misreporting by ST. Get it ST, it wasn't 26,000 but 300! ST appears to be up to something cheeky here. What's your agenda?

BBC has fallen, ST couldn't stand tall either. Nearly all publications are much less trustworthy these days. Bertha Henson was just trying to rub it in with the august Straits Times. It is not Shitty Times like some say, but it is now more crooked than ever.

No need to confess your agenda, we know. Come 2016 you have so little credibility reporting the elections, the PAP will regret. If I am a party leader, I should be thinking of SPH alternatives to reach the electorate. Credibility is very expensive and you keep selling it for a song.

Get rid of STOMP.

But I thoroughly enjoy reading Jonathan Eyal, Ching Cheong etc., only a handful of names. I have given up reading Warren Fernandez opinion pieces. He is a light weight.

And who gave the go ahead to republish Lee Wei Ling's piece on Easter yesterday? Almost the same article that came out last year.

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  1. Strangely enough there was no indication to readers that the LWL article was a re-hash. I certainly did remember reading it a while back. Curiouser and curiouser. I really wonder how strange we really are. As long as we live here we will not see all our peculiarities. The ones I can see worries me.