Wednesday, April 23, 2014

4G Plans: Money or Votes?

The government has got to decide which one: money or votes? You can't have both. For too long they have had their cake and eat it until trust between them and the people are damaged. They privatized these businesses with monopoly pricing power earning rich dividends for Temasek Holdings. Altogether these companies as rentiers significantly raise the cost of living here. It is nothing but additional taxes without calling them as such.

The government have finally wisely decided that they prefer votes to money. Today they carried a big stick and gently persuaded the telcos to behave better. To most of us, all three of them have negative brand value.

Next step, let's see if IDA is shrewd enough to successfully introduce competition and honest pricing into the consumer telco market. Of course unless these fat and complacent companies increase productivity and especially innovate, they will bring less dividends to the government via Temasek Holdings. The problem with them is that their senior managers are too comfortable but those down the line are badly led, over worked and demoralized. You have got to light a fire under their cushy chairs.

At the end of the day what is the use of collecting so much money if it means the support for the PAP is eroded away. You will end up handing power to a non-PAP government which never earned it. You are the stupidest political party to do that. That's is giving back to the PAP the sort of vibes we used to get from LKY.

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