Tuesday, December 31, 2013

MCE as Beta Software Part 2

Singapore MSM marks the last day of 2013 with an ignominious full page report of the new MCE with every paragraph and graphic completely telling a story like a bad beta software experience from the user.

I went over to LTA site the info they had provided was worse. Those guys are more interested to boast their engineering feats like the old days some computer magazines did. Such publications were among the first to go out of business. Clearly the motorists were not their first priority. When you get this bit wrong everything eventually go wrong for you. In the past we had PWD and ROV. The PWD folks can boast their engineering and construction prowess, the ROV guys would concentrate on making the system serve road users well. That structure would have produced a better outcome.

Beta software almost never comes with a user guide. The YouTube video from LTA uploaded in November was wrongly pushed to us as such. That was akin to demo software and we all know the demo always look much better than the one you finally received.

Perhaps the present bad situation will improve as we learn to use the MCE better but I am skeptical how much. The picture will become clearer when everyone heads back to work and school in two days time. I am not holding my breath.

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