Thursday, December 26, 2013

Govt ups pay for McDonald's poorest

This is not a voluntary wage hike given by the government to top up the inadequate pay for McDonald's workers. Rather it is an egregious act by the company to get the tax payer to subsidize its workers.

America is not our problem. I am more concerned how its equivalent is being schemed and achieved here. Perhaps our public transport companies? That's what happened when you put a dud minister like Raymond Lim in charge. He didn't use his head but the religion of free markets. He conveniently forgot that textbooks divorce market forces from the powerful people and organization that drive them. They are so powerful they practically is the market. Market forces is their hallowed gloves which hide their self seeking urges. Textbooks legitimize markets and ignore the powers driving them to make it simple enough so that schools and colleges could teach them. It is up to you to use your head to apply it correctly in the real world.

I would evaluate each minister if he has any common sense or just some disciple of market ideology.

This for those who decry this government and desire to ape the West. The American system is designed to self correct. Please note that it is easy to copy others but really hard to learn how to reverse a mistake. Often a wrong practice needs only a process to be implemented but it is a society's culture that must from bottom up successfully reverse the mistake. A huge example of aping America wrongly is the Philippines.

For now the PAP is least bad, the best in opposition can only check the the government by and large better than the PAP's own MPs. They are not good enough to form an alternative government by a long shot. The question to answer is whether the PAP is good enough for Singapore. Here each of us must come to his or her own conclusion. Don't let others tell you. Make up your own mind and defend it successfully.

Back to McDonald's example. Companies that do not respect their employees will in the end also disrespect their customers. Just witness how the celebrity hamburger chef Jaime Oliver had exposed them. If the value of corporations is only to enrich their owners and top managers then they have no values at all. A high stock price at all costs is actually too high to pay for.

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  1. So long as we do not have an alternative party that can form a government we will get this "least bad" in office syndrome.