Friday, December 20, 2013

Devyani Khobragade: Indian elites incredulous entitlement

If you have had the ill luck of dealing with the Indian elites you will understand this well. Their sense of entitlement is absolute to the point of blindness. They genuinely believe that they live by another set of self serving rules and that everyone in this world is made to serve them!

Good luck Dr. Khobragade. Why do you have to do this in America? India doesn't have enough leverage over America and their strategy of managing this 'crisis' is simple. They are lending a listening ear to your howls of injustice but it is one which Americans will never understand. You should have packed up and gone home in September when the Yankees hinted at what was coming. But like I have come to know you guys, you are just naturally unable to take the hint. As always the fault is the always others and never them.

The bigger picture is more serious. The culture of entitlement iron cladded in the caste system subverts meaningful democracy in India. It is a biggest and real life experiment to show why democracy fails there and many places else. You can only boast the process but as always the outcomes discredits democracy. This is needless brand damage but the Americans are always so wide eyed and persistent here. And to India discredit she doesn't  have a sense of shame which would have spurred them to self correct and do better. Such a gifted people but even more self defeating. So you know why the Chinese will beat you hands down. I have never understood Goh Chok Tong silly Indian fever. The elites were gracious to him but to the rest of us, they are often insufferable.

Of course there are startling exceptions among their elites but you need a lucky hand to meet them. Just ask those who have to attend to them in our clubs.


  1. Well said. My congratulations and Season's Greetings to You & Your Family.

    "Incredible India" indeed. There are enough of national and state politicians in India who are all people of convictions - criminal and civil and what is the problem if an Indian junior diplomat decided to speak with a forked tongue? (I thought the "red" Indians call US palefaces that). Indeed again...

    The United States of America should just stand absolutely on firm legal grounds and make sure this thorough bred crook and liar go to "Yale"/jail as Spanish speakers will pronounce words with "j".

    All those histrionics spewed by Indians in India will all be in "wain". Wery wery sorry, but practiced liars cannot win all the time.

    1. David, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and all at home! :-)

  2. As a Singapore born South Asian myself let me tell you that you are dead right. Worse luck if you ever employ one of them. Their attitude will be you work for them. And here we are importing them by the thousands.