Sunday, December 22, 2013

Deportation: Bad luck happens

Time has made me a lesser fan of TOC and other sites which I had found useful in the last GE. Time is the great revealer.

Grow up! Bad luck happens. I don't know if these deported workers were telling the truth - who knows? We try our best within the constraint of time and resources and come to a decision. I am fairly sure we had despite our best efforts, sent innocent people to the gallows when they didn't trafficked the drugs they were deemed guilty of. In has taken many years and I sorely wished it had come sooner but we have now ameliorated the chance of making such mistakes.

We can always be more thorough and gracious but never perfectly so. We can only promise ourselves and others to keep getting better. Please do not compare us with Dubai. I had lived there and we treat our foreign workers far better.

To provide an environment that has a lesser chance of bad luck to foreign workers over the locals, I think TOC, TWC2, Work Fair, Maruah etc., were just too idealistic. In fact don't even expect the luck gap to be small.

So what is realistic? An example would be Pope Francis standing firm on Church's doctrine against homosexuality but at the same time showing incredible grace in receiving them. That would markedly improve the luck of the gays (never mind most visitor to this blog wouldn't understand what I am talking about). My homophobic evangelical friends never understand how to stir grace with theology in the same pot. All of us are poorer for it as a result.

My former boss once met the big boss in the elevator in NY. He congratulated her for her outstanding performance. She replied that she was just lucky and he said to her to keep staying lucky! This is another example of realism. If it was really luck and she ran of supply, she will be history.

Let's have a more robust and resilient attitude dealing with bad luck. Many of us reduce or exposure to bad luck by avoiding risk. I hope this is changing.

Sorry Muruganandham and Dinesh. Don't give up trying to come back.

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