Monday, December 30, 2013

Bad LTA: MCE road changes like beta software

Just a few minutes before 6 am the radar shows that the ECP near MBFC traffic wasn't smooth flowing. For much of yesterday it was colored red. We decided to avoid taking a joy ride through the MCE and I was wondering if many bored Singaporeans were thinking of doing the same thing on a Sunday.

I first caught this on my phone early this morning. The sentiment of smooth flowing traffic was definitely not shared by lots of motorists. See below.

I think Justin prediction is coming true this morning.

Ah, we forgot this is a LTA project. They have long lost the reputation of managing our land transport well.

This whole enterprise is beginning to smack like beta software. Unfortunately few things are harder than infrastructure, especially roads, bridges and tunnels. You can modify code, recompile and release at will. You live with all the shortcomings. When the planning guys (the brains) fall short the ops people suffer. They also get the short end of the stick from motorists. Meanwhile the planners remain anonymous save their unlucky political masters.

Update: 8:25 am

The traffic at 8:20 am on Google Map. The traffic coming from the east is very heavy as per normal. I think there were probably many curious motorists kicking the new tires on a Sunday yesterday eh?

Update: 3:50 pm

The way ST Christopher Tan describe the situation which Google Map isn't updated to show, the problem seems to be structural. Many motorists had shared the same frustration of the inadequacy of only two lanes bleeding into the ECP etc., In other words, the exit roads do not have the capacity to handle even current volumes of traffic. What an idiot piece of work by the LTA. Billions of dollars at risk.

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  1. At $2 billion per lane, our genius road planners are simply tok-gong. More jam leads to more reasons for ERPs later. We can officially called it the Most-Congested Expressway (MCE) smart. We should clap for them.