Sunday, May 27, 2012

WP wins 62.1%

If you live outside Hougang and watch the hustings from a distance, you would be surprised the WP won 62.1%

I thought the WP would win but have no idea about the margin.

I think the PAP because a defeat like this hurt so much is learning all the wrong lessons, which can only serve them with more defeats. The PM says they will win back Hougang (win back?) in a future election. Why not make it the next one?

To me the stinging defeat sends the message that what the government had done since GE 2011 is not enough. Simple as that.

I always worry when governments creates complex solutions to problems and challenges. It is a sure sign of paradigm exhaustion. It is an evil trend as the complexification eventually turn the solutions themselves into problems. On this the Americans and Europeans are ahead of us. They will fall into the hole sooner and I hope this government pick up some useful lessons from them. Unfortunately I can't find reasons to be optimistic yet.

Complex solutions are also impossible to communicate and sell. It is simply not just bad but stupid politics. What is the use if you can't sell it to us? Despite rising levels of education, the complexity grows even faster than our cognitive capabilities and bandwidth. Law of Diminishing Returns in public policy eh?


  1. Wow, I am surprised with that big headline for WP!
    The way they were singing praises on thea there 3% gain by DC on channel news you thought that would surely be the highlight of the contest!!
    This media is the national shame of singapore.

  2. The lamest headline comes from Chua Mui Hoong " HG speaks, but for itself'.
    Endorsing TCH's stand - they are not reflective of Singaporeans sentiments.
    Just like denying National issues is Local Issues.
    You go figure..the same mindfuck they are playing.

    1. You read what she wrote?
      Ms Chua writes to soothe the egos of her masters.

      "The PM says they will win back Hougang (win back?) in a future election. Why not make it the next one?"
      He does not have what it takes to bring Singapore forward. Upping the GDP is for his and his underlings' bonuses - it does not improve the standard of living for the hoi polloi and they do not know what to do to win the next GE in 2016.

  3. I still believe that PAP leaders must go back and relive the spirit of their first generation leaders,then the Singapore people will be blessed.