Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Politics: Our New Normal is Normal everywhere

I got this from "Fabrications About the PAP". They took it from Zaobao which is available online.

I imagine that most Singaporeans hate this sort of politics but we will learn that it has to be when the PAP dropped the ball and the voters tide turned against them.

As politics become more like elsewhere can the governance of this place be different?

On this issue of Png Eng Huat counting himself out of an NCMP seat, this is insufficient evidence to prove that he was untruthful. I hope the PAP gets to the bottom of this.

Fact is our politicians are no longer like the Toh Chin Chye sort. That is why even as we trust we must also verity. Good advice from Ronald Reagan.

Nothing to rejoice here. What is uniquely Singapore when Singapore is becoming like another global city with all its challenges, stress and a dark underbelly of misery?

We are losing Singapore. We don't need or want the world's praise which we are getting in spades. We want to be misunderstood as we were during the early years because there is no other way to laugh last and laugh best. When leaders lack courage, politics become obnoxious. Reading Issacson's bio on Steve Jobs explains how the great spirit was often misunderstood himself gives me a clearer idea of the sort of leader to look for even if we do not have any. To be realistic, we just have to calibrate our expectations. On the other hand we should be very unforgiving if the mediocre try to prevent the genius from emerging. Einstein had warned us that Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.

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