Sunday, May 27, 2012

PAP Apple Polishers

I am often irked by the public apple polishing of PAP assistant branch secretary Lionel de Souza on facebook. I come across him again reading the Sunday Times this morning. Fortunately Khaw Boon Wan responded correctly. Grow up! Everyone works very hard. Hard work only qualifies you to play, not victory. Grassroots leaders like Lionel are not helpful to the PAP's cause. Why don't they get rid of him? What is stopping them? They have too many? To difficult to act? These are dangerous people. Listening too much to their repeated their nonsense eventually leads to belief.

I am glad Png Eng Huat won and won convincingly. The PAP is still in denial and will keep losing. They are learning all the wrong lessons from this defeat. For too long they have been protected, have become complacent and taken us for granted. Very sad they don't learn very quickly. PAP leaders do not lack brains but they are caught in their paradigm and lacks the courage to overcome the Innovator's Dilemma. Didn't help too that they are such poor communicators. 


  1. the ruling party is leaderless. they should begin by reducing the defense spending radically and chanelling the savings to a universal health plan for the middle class and the working class.

    They should then reduce NS to a year so that young men can concentrate on their careers and families. These radical steps will help to convince the populace of the ruling party's sincerity but this will never happen because they are headless. There is no leader who can think outside of the box that was given to them by Kuan Yew many years ago. Only a split in the party will save it.

    1. They should reduce NS not so because men can concentrate on careers and family. But because we can release an immediate batches into the work force earlier due to shortage (lack of Singaporeans core workers). So we can reduce import of FTs to do the jobs. That is the PAP selling point for the longest time now.

  2. @ Hor Lee: "the ruling party is leaderless"

    If many felt the biggest loser for the BE was unfortunately DPM TCH. By the same token, then the biggest winner of the night must be DPM Tharman..who kept his nose clean.

    If this is so, maybe Tharman and his team of MPs from Jurong GRC and Lily Neo can be the bright spot in the years to come..

  3. There are many such apple polishers in PAP and its agencies.
    I see that will be the major downfall of the party, and their hinder towards innovating. It will be forced upon them. Imagine if you release these supporters and turn them into more productive workers in the labour force, what it can do for Singapore. Instead, they cultivate and perpetuate these parasites in their various grassroots and agencies because the Party think they need them to hang onto power. That rot comes in many layers, and in many shades and forms.

  4. There are too many PAP Apple Polishers during this elections.
    I am glad that Khaw Boon Wan responded correctly.
    I still remember vividly that ex-PM,extremely sharp Mr Lee KY has warned publicly before that once a person is in position of authrity and power,one must watch out for these people who will appear.

  5. PM Lee's principal private secretary must be damn good at it, how else to explain TinPL being fielded in MP GRC hitching a ride on GohCT's underwear ? Others that come to mind, IreneNg, LeeBW, TeoSL, Vikram, etc, etc. Essentially it is a must have skill to remain in PAP.

  6. Singapore do have many talents,thanks to LKY and his leaders.
    LKY made a major mistake when he believed that only more MONEY can bring PAP more talents.
    Now he has been proven wrong,but his son is not willing to reconsider an alternative.
    PM LHL should seriously consider what alternative way he can bring in more talents into PAP,apart from money.
    It is high time for him to start now,as the endgame based on current trends seems to be quite obvious.