Thursday, May 10, 2012

Obama says yes to same-sex marriage

  • So President Obama has finally come out and said it: gay couples should be able to get married. Of course they should! Still, it feels like a historic moment, even if one much delayed.
    By publicly endorsing same-sex marriage in a television interview, the president took a definitive stand on one of the most contentious and politically charged social issues of the day.

Hey, just trying to improve his chances to get re-elected? I bet some people are going to get all worked up over this, but forget that in this instance the President's opinion does not carry the force of law.

Of course gays cannot get married. They can try, keep trying and will not be able to make a baby. If your definition of marriage does not include producing children, well until recently in human history that is not counted as marriage. May be give it at least another few hundred years, long after I am gone, and gays still get married, well that might be regarded as marriage especially when babies are produced and grown in test tubes. By then our specie would have become extinct or evolved into something else. Not by nature's design but our own. That would be frightening.

The apathy toward gays type are not voting Obama, and the enemy of your enemy is your friend. As for me this is as far as I think wise to disturb a hornets' nest.

I would rather relate to gays on the individual than the group level.

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