Monday, May 21, 2012

NUS Class Reunion

My NUS class had our reunion at Lee Kong Chian Hall on Saturday. I failed to turn up and this morning I emailed my classmate for his address so that I might send him a cheque. I was pleasantly surprised but also suspicious that the department paid for the dinner. It was $60 per head.

Well the justification for the university's expense came later in the day as a solicitation for financial support in the form of bursaries. The class hope to raise $150K.

I am against this. NUS is a public university. I would support the initiative if it were a private university. This government is as usual too clever about money issues until they ended with among others, the SMRT fiasco. They have myriad ways they pick our pockets.

Generally I have no problems over "Pay and Pay" to the government as long as they are willing to be far more accountable and transparent. This will never happen. Governments just do not act this way. Therefore no deal. Don't ever dream of having reserves like Harvard University.

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