Saturday, May 26, 2012

MRT COI and "Safe to Fail"

This is good. If we know how to, let's not do it like elsewhere: a COI for finding fault and assigning blame.

I have been skeptical of the PM's "Safe to Fail" approach but I prefer to be wrong because I have misunderstood him. This is for all our sake.

The opportunity to be uniquely Singapore will often start with us being misunderstood and allowing a policy time to bear fruit. This is in the same spirit as our early days. A nation draws its strengths from its history. Make that history rhyme, go deep so that you have the confidence to adjust and adapt without losing it. This is how you build a nation from shared experience that is lived rather than taught or in the traditions and rituals of religions and creeds. Simply there is no other way to overcome these more powerful pulls.

Leadership is the ultimate hard truth for Singapore and leadership is about taking a people to a place which they would not on their own go. True leadership must win by successfully persuading the people to vote for you. Only leadership can turn incoherent light into coherent laser. Forget about Wisdom of the Crowds. It is over used and abused, applied to situations where it don't make sense.


  1. As far as they are concerned,the power that be see things in strictly black and white,for others,they emphasize that the world is full of grey areas.
    The world is of course full of grey areas.

  2. Do one expect to see the govt slap itself over the train issues?

    That is only reserved for others.

    I am told that the ST -the govt's official propaganda medium - even praised that scoundrel who drive his Ferrari like a rocket into a taxi killing the taxi driver and a japanese passenger. How warped and perverted can you get, just because that Chinese was an FT - the govt's favourite type of foreigners?