Friday, May 11, 2012

A local mother's day video

Just discovered at the top of my Facebook page that George Yeo has shared this with all of us. I wonder how common this experience is. My kids aren't like that, neither were my siblings and I when were kids. And those with maids, this is hardly the relevant story. What about many kids with working mothers. So I wonder and wonder....a well done video but how relevant? You know, a lot of stories painting Gen Y in a bad light were actually exceptional.

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  1. Hi, thanks for the mention. A film can never be 100%accurate or relevant to a society.because we are never fully homogeneous. This film is based on my own experience when my mom entered the hospital when I was in secondary four. It's great that you point out that it might not be relevant to everyone because I never expected it to be. However, it seems to resonate with quite a high number of viewers as of now. Once again, I thank you for watching our video! - Director of the film, victor