Thursday, May 24, 2012

Khaw Boon Wan resonates

As I write this, Desmond Choo is speaking over the live stream in Teochew. Khaw Boon Wan had just finished his speech. He didn't disappoint. This is the way to talk to the people, not the negative approach which Teo Chee Hean has been persisting.

An excerpt from Khaw BW speech:

"Voters in HG. I believe you are no different from Singaporeans living elsewhere. You have your dreams, just as we have our dreams. We all want our children to grow up in a safe, peaceful country, with opportunities aplenty to stretch their potential. We want others to respect us, Singaporeans, as decent rational people. We want to carry our Singapore passport proud.

Look around you, and match it against the negative messages that you have heard from WP in the past 21 years. Their rhetorics are effective in arousing anger but are they fair?

It is easy to criticise but it is hard work to come up with solutions. And there are no solutions which can satisfy all. When I volunteered to be the Housing Minister, many urged me to bring down property prices. I received even more emails warning me against bringing the prices down! We are building more studio apartments and nursing homes because there is a high demand. But we encounter local resistance when we try to build them near their blocks.

This is the difficulty of being in Government and to do the right thing for Singaporeans. Fortunately, Singapore has made progress because the vast majority supports a good responsible Government. And we always stay united as one people. The world we live in is getting tougher, more competitive. We wish our life can be less stressful, but the world marches on, regardless of our preference.

If we do not also move on, we get left behind. This unfortunately is the truth.

Tomorrow is Cooling Off Day, let’s take a pause and reflect on our achievements, despite the odds. How far we have come. Living in the little red dot is not easy, but this is our home." – Excerpt from Minister Khaw’s Speech @ PAP Rally

Campaign rules do not allow singing, so Khaw BW took the chorus of Kit Chan's "Home" to recite with the audience. People are not Vulcans, you have to reach them at the heart level too.


  1. I think it is difficult to believe in the words of the PAP minister nowadays. We do not know if they are true (because first they shoot people down) and then later they say "heartful" things.

    PAP has dug itself into a big deep hole. Sometime people are just so skeptical about their true colors.

  2. This is the same person who had no qualms about telling the whole world about his 8 dollar bypass surgery. As a "minister" and public servant it never occured to him that there are others who have had to make enormous sacrifices to pay their medical bills. He was more interested in flaunting his priviledge and wealth. This can only happen in Singapore where people live in their own make believe world.

  3. What is the point ?

    Even if I believe Khaw fully, he is just a minister in P*P where he will have to fall in line at the sound of the Party Whip !

    A good case is the building of the 2 casinos. Some ministers also don't agree and what happened ? In the end they were build !

    I guess we have to deal with P*P as one party and not on minister level alone.