Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hougang By-Election: Where are the leaders?

"We should always draw voters back to local issues", an election candidate declared, thus Zuriadah opened her commentary.

How apt! It shows how out of touch that candidate is. All town councils are run well enough. There are no major local issues. Sure they need to reinstate the market that was demolished, but the land which it used to sit had been committed to private property and commercial development.

I surmise it would be judging and selecting people to serve as MPs and national issues that would be in the agenda of debate.

Forget about winning minds. That window of opportunity closed when the PAP screwed up and failed to listen to us for too many years. It would be mostly about hearts. Sadly it would not be a contest of leadership but a game of how to win votes. We used to have leaders. When will those days return?


  1. Thank Heaven, we now have the social media to read. So the trash on the shit times written by soulness "journalist" could be ignored.

  2. The dpm man in white with a black heart utters nonsense belitting citizen intelligence goes to show how his face is as dark and as urgly as his heart. He has forgotten that leader is respected by what he says and his deed. So the more he utter incorrigble rubbish, the more he is going to lose respect from the citizens. Someone, please tell him to wake up or he would be another most hated a minister like the defunct wks.

  3. In a write-up by ex-Min of State Zainal, the PAP lost in Aljunied GRC in GE2011 becos people voted on national issues, and not the local issues which his team headed by George Yeo was campaigning on.

    So the PAP stance is that even in a GRC, national issues are unimportant. Even in a General Election, national issues should not matter. Only local issues should be borne in mind.

    This leads to the questions: When, then, should voters focus on national issues? Should they ignore national issues altogether? And if so, why?

    Isn't focusing only on local issues being small-minded and underlining the Me First, Me Only and the Not In My Backyard mindsets?

  4. One local issue to nit pick with the govt - why was the west market demolished only to have its HG MP-wannabe Choo, 'promising' to champion for the wet market reinstatement?

    It exposes the deviousness of the govt- recycling an issue it created to advance its candidate's fortune. It first demolished the wet market to in an attempt to create unhappiness among HG's residents. Now it is using the same to lure the residents for the sake of candidate Choo. Where is the integrity?

    The WP should in fact bring this up in the rally to question Choo's and his party's integrity and honesty.

  5. "We used to have leaders. When will those days return?"

    You mean leaders like the PAP old guards, GohKS, LimKS, TohCC, Rajaratnam, EWBarker, "LKY", etc.

    I am inclined to believe those days can return if our elections revert to SMCs. Nothing like Mano-a-mano, one on one, head to head contests. It should be noted those in the minority race like Rajaratnam, Barker, OthmanWok, JBJ, etc, have won in SMCs.

    Just look at the PAP MPs who hitch a ride through the GRCs couple with gerrymandering i.e. a clever way of cheating :- TinPL, Puthucheary, LeeBW, IreneNG, BaeyYK, VikramN, TeoSL, ChanCS, JTeo, TanCJ, etc. and it should be noted that cabinet ministers(past and current) such as LuiTY, TeoCH, MahBT, NgEH, LimRay, Tharman, GanKY, Shanmugam, Yaacob, etc, are products of the GRC system as well. Now ask ourselves, do any of these MPs, ministers inspire us ?

  6. Yes, they should 'inspire' us to look the other way and vote the other way.

  7. Actually I have started to read the shitty times after the election was announced. Don't get me wrong, it's not to get the latest news but simply to read the pathetic articles written by our pathetic reporters trying to justify the actions of a morally corrupt government. Literally what they have done to the residents by withholding due funding just because they voted for opposition is nothing but the action of a vindictive, cowardly, unethical and morally corrupt party. I salute these residents and they will go down in history as the ones who fought the tyrant. I just wonder if the ruling party loses power will the leaders flee the country fearing retribution. I will not be surprised as they would expect the new rulers to behalf just the way they have been doing since taking power.