Monday, May 28, 2012

DPM Teo the loser

Just read this on AsiaOne today. I wonder if DPM Teo is capable of changing for the better. Doesn't he understand that the first guy who calls a truce is the gentleman and the winner? He should have taken the opportunity to do just that. Instead he added to the fire by provoking LTK to consider legal action. In this way, the ball returned to LTK's side of the court and he wisely suggested that we should move on.

DPM Teo, I wonder if he knows he is a loser, a real loser here. You may be a good technocrat but a lousy politician even after so many years in parliament. I think he better go to Khaw Boon Wan for some coaching.

1 comment:

  1. I agree that DPM Teo has acted like a real loser,which is really not necessary.Actually this by-election offered PM Lee and PAP to confirm that they have heard during 2011 elections,unfortunately they missed this great opportunity.
    I agree with your recommendation and hope DPM Teo will take it up.