Thursday, May 31, 2012

As long as the spirit and mind is not defeated...

Experience informs me that I am not afraid of the big tests, my weakness are the little foxes that run all over and ruin the vineyard. There are so many little irritating things bugging but I have trusted him and not allowed it to spoil my day. I could easily have snapped at others and spoil their day too.

As I settle down to start clearing my emails, I came across this one from Lorraine. It really makes my day. My kids should see this. If the spirit and mind is not defeated, nothing is defeated. Look at how with such severe disabilities this Japanese girl has grown up so beautiful with such a lovely voice :-)


And something that normally don't happen to help me along. An SMS from someone I rarely communicate with; and early enough in the day too as it gets more tiresome.

Blessing you with this...  Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings as eagles, They shall run & not be weary, They shall walk & not faint... Isaiah 40:31   Blessed day!

Thanks [redacted], a timely message for me.

Felt led to bless you with this verse...God's unfailing love

Unfailing and always surprising. Do you know that the only way for a man to understand how a woman felt loved is for him to be loved by the Lord. I suspect many don't know this.

Whaa, that's deep indeed!

Not sure about out being deep. It's the Lord's grace through faithful obedience. The pre lessons came from Mother Teresa. Watch the love between our Lord and her and add God's personal intervention. I am sure He does this to many people but lots more are not in yet.

I know what you mean... It's one personal, intimate relationship with the Lord. I love because He first loved me.

Yes! And any woman who discover this before she gets married might no longer want to. It's up to God to arrange. It's a gift.
So it's kinda if you know what it means but you always also find more meaning to it as we live by faith.

Yes, it's this love relationship with Him that compelled Mary to pour expensive perfume on Jesus' feet & wipe them with her hair. It's this kind of relationship that compells one to say "I LOVE YOU, LORD" from one's inner spirit. Thank you, . God bless your day.

And it's so much easier for a woman to identify with Mary than a man. God's surprising and incredible grace to women because of Eve. Who would have thought of this! So how are men to understand? He needed to be loved by Christ like a woman so that he will learn to love his wife, and men to stop seeing women as sex objects. With a richer flavor we just got back to where we started.

It's a love of the highest order, perfect & unconitional, a love way above all, so full, pure & sacrificial to die for us so that we can be with Him forever to enjoy His presence & riches.

I feel a little sad. She didn't get it. Christians who are good students of the Bible always have answer to anything you throw at them but their answers is causing them to miss it!

I must be patient. If they do not have experience analogous to some of us, how would they know? It is all in the Lord's hands. Most of all I pray and wish that the one the Lord had used to teach me this would also share the same gift. I was utterly shocked it didn't pan out as expected. In a way it was like Paul believing the Second Coming was very near but it has been two thousands years since. What Joseph story? We haven't gotten to the end of it yet. Why I asked why, I was given Job's story. We are not given to understand so that he will make all things beautiful in His Time.

Every believer cherish Romans 8, but as they grow it is Romans 9 you will get to. Looks like many refused to get there.

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  1. God bless you and your family with this message of love.