Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Armies of God

Was thumbing through this book here and there last night. There is no time to read it. It is due to be returned in a day's time.

This book cannot be found on Amazon. It was printed in Malaysia and written by a geographer from the UK. It is also anti-evangelical. Iain Buchanan attempted to expose the geopolitical agenda behind evangelical christianity except that I don't think most evangelicals think that way.

Religion that does not eschew power is bound to run into trouble. If it is man acting in the name of God, it will come to no good. Alas far more people are keen to hear from preachers promising that you can have it all than from Christ who insisted that we must be like him.

With good reasons Christianity is derided but Jesus Christ remained admired and respected. The most dangerous people in Christendom are its religious leaders.

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  1. Agreed! Deception comes in all forms to misled those who only rely on someone else to intepret the Scripture to them. Worst still, leaders are sway by movement and doctrines that twist the word of God to advance their own personal agenda. One should seriously examine where is Jesus Christ in these teachings before one gets misled by them.