Tuesday, May 29, 2012

21st Century Illterates

I am afraid there are lots of them and that's why we have sick economies everywhere. This is the root cause of the widening wealth gap.

In fact you need to go beyond Toffler's insight and add "quickly". We take too long to learn and so corporations find it more practical to lay off and rehire than re-train. You might be a fast learner but it is no use if there isn't enough of your kind to give management the incentive to retool their processes. Just like ores that contain too little gold is thrown away.


  1. Hi

    i have been reading your blog for sometime now and often i find your input interesting & useful.

    May i ask are you in anyway in the financial line like trading? just curious


  2. Hi, Thanks. As a matter of policy, since this is "blogging for myself", I almost never respond to comments. To answer your question, yes I used to be an analyst in an asset management firm.