Thursday, November 24, 2011

Unboxing Kindle Touch

Pleasantly surprised for the hotel to put this in our room awaiting our arrival last night at Monterey.

Unlike the Kindle Fire, the Touch is easy to unbox. Just pull the strap across the cardboard box to reveal the device.

I haven't register the Touch because the hotel charge $9.95/day for every device connected to the web. May be I will take it with me to the Bay Aquarium and register it with the free wifi there. Alternatively I can walk across the junction to the McDonalds. They have free Wifi by AT&T.

I am blogging this from the paid wifi connection :-(

Just as I thought. Free wifi is slow and paid wifi is fast. Only wished the prices could be more competitive.

Meanwhile I have inserted some of my own ebooks into the Touch. So I get to enjoy the reading and navigation experience prior to registration. It is definitely superior to using the click keyboard of the Kindle 3.

How quickly products are updated in this space. I got by Kindle 3 last September. Now in November I have both the Fire and the Touch.,

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