Sunday, November 13, 2011

Remind Me, Dear Lord

My Sunday School teacher taught us this song as teenagers. Very good song because it rung true and spoke to many of our hearts. This Sunday School teacher had abandoned the faith as have many others. At the same time, I have seen some gone beyond this and are much happier for it. Like Jacob who wrestled with the Lord in the desert night, they had reached the tipping point and do not want to live this way anymore. It is a testimony to the Lord's eternal patience and infinite grace.

As for those who had left, can they really leave? There is a secret place and I wonder if I have been there before. It is a place full of doubt but also faith in equal measure.

I look forward to meeting my old teacher who had helped to start it all for me when I see her next week at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

Just found another YouTube video. Again courtesy of Annie. This is what "Remind Me, Dear Lord" ought to eventually lead us to, "Be Thou My Vision".

My Sunday School never got anywhere near here. Repeatedly he returned to "Remind Me, Dear Lord" until he doesn't want to be reminded anymore. On the other hand very few have awaken to the treasure in the field and decide to trade everything for this treasure.

We make our choices.

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