Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Last day of the Os

After 1515hrs today, the O levels are finally over for her. She is now out with some of her classmates to celebrate the occasion. I believe they have gone to GV at Plaza Sing to watch Tin Tin.

From now till Jan 9 or so, I bet she will have many moments to wonder how she fared. It is only natural to wonder, but the less time spent on this the better. Over the longer term, this wouldn't be terribly material but it will always be far more significant than the PSLE.

The A levels are far more important. Also what she has planned to do after the Os is more important than this major exams.

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  1. your picture of your child earlier reminded me of my own daughter studying for her Os 2 years ago. She scored 9A1s, took a one year foundation program in Aust and now in Uni Y1, very happy and relieved to be out of Spore school system and now thriving in new environment, no more studying to pass exams but studying for interest/passion! Wishing your child all the best.