Friday, November 4, 2011

An interesting Bhutanese blog

Why bother with secondary sources of what life is like in Bhutan. Just go to this blog (there should be many more to be discovered).

May be I should just go and mine my old emails for the Bhutanese acquaintance I got to know from my flash movies website. Just to check how things have changed for them after all these years. Bhutan may restrict the inflow of foreigners, but the influence of the external environment from information technology cannot be stopped. Their response would be both interesting and instructive to watch.

I am getting this feeling that Bhutan is going to be better known than Singapore. No bad thing.

And before our ministers go boasting that they are trying to learn from us, I think they learn from everyone. Unlike us, they will will not transplant what we have into their society. They will take their time to do it right for themselves. Clearly unlike our government they don't live in fear or feel the need to get their people to "eat bitterness"

The royal couple had visited India as their first stop after the wedding. Easy to see why they hadn't gone to China.

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