Monday, September 19, 2011

What a morning on Upper Pickering St.

Pretty lawless this morning the traffic at the junction of Upper Pickering Street. The light was green but the traffic across just simply ignored the red on their side. This resulted in a car a few vehicles ahead of me slamming into a taxi. I didn't see it but heard the loud bang. Of course it didn't improve the road situation.

Took me half an hour to go from Suntec City to NCC. I had arranged to catch up with an old friend who was there for radiotherapy.

Treatment already started when I got there. Very good that they began promptly. I remembered I had to wait very long for mom's turn. That was about ten years ago.

The place hasn't changed much. It had a familiar feel to me. I took a seat at Clinic B and waited for the radio to finish.

I wanted to hear it clearly, unambiguously. Both daughters have quit church. On my side, we don't often call believers Christians but use the older name, "followers of the Way".

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