Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What is Jet Li doing as a Singaporean?

I wonder what is Jet Li who has become a Singaporean been doing for his new country. Mostly I read about him working to advance China's interest.

In this instance he is ruing about the lack of Chinese soft power. China couldn't even hold a candle to South Korea. He is working with Jack Ma to make Taichi cool.

My question again; what is he doing for Singapore? To give him the benefit of the doubt, it could very well be that he wants to contribute but on terms which the government here might not accept. Of course, he is also likely to be here for the same benefits of security and educational opportunities for his children.

I assume that with his star power, the media would not pass up reporting his ventures here. The fact that there is hardly any news about his local contributions, I have assume there are none.


  1. taxation purpose. Sg top tier n corporate tax rate is even better than the usa...

  2. What is a city and its' infrastucture without the 'glam'factor?