Sunday, September 11, 2011

Waiting is invisible action

I have not seen this green dot appeared in a very long time, and I was tempted to initiate a chat with him early this morning. Then I thought better not, and decided to go visible instead only to discover that the green dot had disappeared.

I have waited for him for years. Because it was not possible for humans to understand I have had many false dawns. We always prefer action but if we see our Master waiting, that is the cue for us to do the same.

Saul was impatient for action, but David waited. By faith, waiting is a form of action. It is invisible action.

Waiting had helped me to reunite two childhood friends in the last year. I thought my waiting was over, but no, I had to wait even longer for them. There were three of us but at the moment it as still at two/two. I don't want to reconnect because I have become useful again as I was to her many years ago. Let God.

There are also moments when we can't wait but must act. Sometimes we are afraid of what we might face. I am struggling to tell my old teacher that we will be in San Francisco later this year. I longed to see her but I am also very afraid of what I might find: she had brought me to the Way but herself had given up.

At least I have decided on the gift to bring her. Spock would have said that was illogical.

We act because we want success and control, but we wait because we are learning submission. It is our nature to choose to act. Waiting is much harder than acting. You will then discover that the only action available you, which is an act of submission is prayer.

So did the Lord really teach them how to pray in the "Lord's Prayer" No! What you might learn from many teachers in church can be quite unhelpful. I wonder how many are lost because they fail to unlearn some of these 'truths'. When the rubber hits the road and the truths turn out to be false, it is only natural to give up. You know,  I have gone off from what she taught me as a young believer long ago. I have not found the truth, but him who is the truth.

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