Friday, September 16, 2011

Reducing the number of political cynics

Three out of 10 Singaporeans are political cynics and MPs from the People's Action Party said it is important to keep this number low.

This guy doesn't understand cause and effect. How do you suppose you can keep political cynics as a minority? There are two ways.

1. Narrow the gap between the rhetoric and the walk. They wouldn't do it.

2. Take a page from the SQ girl. Instead of being a great way to fly; make it a great way to serve as in servant leaders.

You know the SQ girl is a fake (not all of them, but many). She is so well trained and passengers are either willing to ignore the superficiality and just enjoy the service or inexperienced travelers are just mistook it for the real thing. This is what these politicians would be trying to do.

Meanwhile I believe the ranks of the cynics would grow. It must be with rising education, exposure and experience. Social media and blogs also help them to find and reinforce each other. OK, the trend is not the politicians' friend here.

Honesty is the best policy. Problem is, it is difficult to have integrity in politics. At least, I hope they would read Reinhold Niebuhr on how to go about this - Be humanly honest: to err is human; to forgive divine. Don't pretend.

This will lead us to point one.

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