Sunday, September 11, 2011

PM hopes for robust but constructive debate in Parliament

Neitzsche said, "What does not destroy me, makes me stronger". I think that pretty much sums up what the opposition parties have become over the years. As the PAP equates winning the war with winning every battle, that is the outcome.

I quote the PM,

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said he expects a more robust debate in the 12th Parliament, given the increase in the number of opposition voices - six elected MPs and three Non-Constituency MPs. But how it develops depends on whether the opposition members "take a serious approach to discuss the issues or whether they take a tactical approach and just use it to score political points", said the People's Action Party's secretary-general.

Those WP guys and girl aren't going to score tactical points with you. You can expect them to be stronger than most of your members. The PM had conveniently forgotten how his opponents came to be. Sure, they are heavily handicapped and disadvantaged and so we voters will view them as the underdogs and be kinder to them.

At the end of the day, it is wiser to conduct a fair fight but the PAP just wouldn't do it. Good luck to you. I also expect you to have an even harder time replenishing your talent bench. Truly good men and women do not identify with bullies, much less join them.


  1. I think by now all of us is clear about one thing after the clarification by the PM about the PA, no statuary board or government agencies are impartial (or apolitical) so long as there is a PAP minister in charge. So it either you with them or you are not. So go and debate whatever you want just be mindful of this.

  2. Worker Party you are going to have to give your best to prove yourselves. The clarification of PA by the PM tells you that you are up against the whole government machinery (statuary board or government agencies), be mindful that they are not impartial and apolitical like what they want us to think. Record every debate you do in parliament and show it to all Singaporean (even our media don't expect them to do you a favour).

  3. What constructive debate can you ever have with the PAP? Just take another look at the speech made when Sylvia Lim spoke on Parliamentary Speech against Ministerial Salary Hike. Look at the faces of all the PAP members do they look like they were interested in what she said. Come on those faces says a million words about what they think of her speech.