Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Less than encouraging start

I can't believed what I saw on the aquarium calendar. It states that it will be closed during the time we planned our visit. This is the must go destination for the kids.

I emailed them last night and seeing that they have not responded, I called them. It was a reminder that every organization in America put you on a machine first and you have to patiently wait for the options. None of the options gave me what I needed. Fortunately I found another line to call and spoke to the girl taking ticket bookings (you must always call the money making line!)

She told me they will be open. That's good. I told her please fixed the error on their webpage.

I am getting the feeling that when we get to the USA, we will see signs of their decline everywhere. Perhaps I could call our zoo on the phone and compare the experience. Calling Monterey aquarium reminded me of calling Singtel or Starhub. Something to avoid.

Update: I made a mistake. I just realized when I looked up Bloomberg that the US had a public holiday on Monday. No wonder the aquarium phone system explained that it was still the weekend for them. Sure, they would be better to insert a office closed due to public holiday message. I believe they get calls from all over the world.

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