Monday, September 5, 2011

Lessons from Bhutan

Bhutan: The costly 'Shangri La'
The isolated kingdom of Bhutan is one of the most expensive holiday destinations in the world and a haven for celebrities and the well-heeled. In...

If there is another small state that know how to treasure its intangible, that would be Bhutan. She is not like Singapore. We are too easy and quick to sell whatever we have difficulty measuring. We do not walk our talk, i.e., we are leaving an island that is more difficult for the next generation even as we try to make it materially better for the present one.

Bhutan risk pricing their intangibles too conservatively even as we sell ours for peanuts. You could never get the pricing right as it is a matter of judgement.

Ours is a population of low birth rates, which is to me a communal suicide by other means and name. On the other hand, the Bhutanese are thinking of preserving their resources for the generations to come.

We do not need to be like Bhutan. In fact our security needs do not allow us to be. However we need to be wiser and clearer about our intangibles. As it is, even the Singapore Spirit is anything as needed and demanded for the occasion especially during the National Day celebrations and at sports events. An attitude of convenience is debasing and will eventually disabused us as a people.

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