Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A KPI driven government

This article has many of the undesirable features of how this government execute policies. It is inevitable once Philip Yeo isn't there to run the show for our life sciences initiative.


As The Straits Times has reported in recent weeks, scientists here are unhappy about a host of issues. These range from excessive red tape to the introduction of key performance indicators (KPIs) they deem unrealistic. New rules requiring funding to be 'aligned to industry' were also confusing to scientists and drew unhappiness.

"sama sama" at our schools too. Therefore in most cases our exceptional academic performance give am erroneous impression of our intellectual prowess when much of is was just gaming the system like a sports competition. I have seen this every year since my kids started school in our system.


'It's like the ancient mariner poem - water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink,' said one senior scientist, who added that some institutes had been forced to eat into coming years' funding or introduce a hiring freeze to pay for day-to-day expenses in recent months.

Reminds me of many government schemes especially those at MCYS. Looks wonderful on paper but unlike the menu at a restaurant, no so easy to order. There if fine print every where and much studying. Wonder why they can't be as easy as our tax system, unless they have other unspeakable objectives just like in the sitcom, "Yes, Minister"

We must revise our approach as the unwanted effects of this approach build up and eventually create huge problems for us. Sadly the leaders have no guts and conviction to recognize and change. I suspect the culture of the admin service is also unhelpful.

I often remark this is a government that often know the price of everything and the value of nothing. So much of our intangibles they have sold or pawned because they can't measure it.


  1. http://wikileaks.org/cable/2009/09/09SINGAPORE884.html

    Good riddance! $13.5b or more of taxpayers monies for the elites to play with their pet projects. What have they got to show?

  2. i totally agree with the last bit on selling off our intangibles. V sad as i watched our good brand name diluted for short term gsin.