Thursday, September 29, 2011

Growing emphasis on special needs in our schools

These stories always read better in publications than in real life isn't it? I know this issue well as I have a special needs child too. I worked extremely hard with her and she has succeeded spectacularly. One primary school teacher was special and very dedicated to helping her. At that time her condition wasn't even identified. Those were extremely stressful years for me. My hair turned gray quickly.

Except for some unusually sensitive souls, most people think she is quite normal now. She is fortunate to be blessed with high cognitive ability and the determination to overcome her condition. She now has more friends and relate to people better. It was not easy at all to get to this point, and there a ways to go yet. My plan to help her developmentally  is only good half the time, the other half I had to make it up as I go along.

From my experience, I think schools can be very helpful but the family is the most important contributor helping a special needs child succeed. If you are a follower of the Way, you will find the Master ever present. He is always present at the times I have to make up what to do as we go along. As a result the doctor said we are more than able to cope, there is no need to see her regularly. The power of the Gospel to heal. Specifically, I suspect to rewire the brain or grow new connections, create neurological bypass, whatever. From here you get a glimpse of the new bodies the Lord will give us to replace this one.

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