Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Google Adsense: Observing their service

Google AdSense is so well done. I raised the issue yesterday and in the survey request which came in five minutes ago, they gave me another opportunity to raise a more complex issue. Let's see when and how they will respond.

I want to be able to use electronic fund transfers to my US account. The problem is the option isn't available to us in Singapore. I have had similar problems with Paypal when they converted my US account to SG.

Google vs Paypal. What would the outcome be? Shouldn't be difficult to best Paypal because the problem was never resolved. I recalled I had many phone conversations calling between Dubai and Singapore. It was totally frustrating. They don't seem to understand and each time I had to tell the problem from beginning to end. Only talking to HSBC in Dubai was worse.

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