Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fighting Cancer

I wanted to write about this yesterday but didn't know how and where to begin. As I was on the road just now, an idea came to me. I will use the text messages we had exchanged in the middle of July.

Earlier she told me that the catscan results were very good. There were no new growth, but who knows what tomorrow brings. Already the doctors have given up hope sometime back, and I am glad her life is defying their pessimism.

Yesterday I went to fetch her from the NCC. Seng Teck had fetched her there earlier. I was surprised she could walk! Although she still needed to hold on the someone but it was a far cry when I first saw her late last year when she had to use a wheelchair.

"I don't know about tomorrow, I just live from day to day..." I learnt this song so long ago. It has gone in and came out in my sms message to her. July, August and now early September.

Which one of us knows what will happen to us tomorrow. So give thanks to God for today. Since July I have come to know of a few more friends fighting cancer.

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  1. My husband is fighting bladder cancer. He was diagnosed May of last year & had undergone radiation and chemotherapy. Removing the bladder offers the best prognosis for long term survival for him but because of his congestive heart failure his surgeon did not want to undertake the risky surgery. She recommended radiation & chemo & surgery will be the last resort. He recovered well from the 2 brutal treatments & I'm grateful for each day he is with me. So its now cyctoscopy every 3 months & Ct scan every 6 months. His chemo oncology said that its 50/50 the cancer will come back. Like your friend we 're taking each day as it comes. Life is short. We never expect him to have cancer. My husband has heart problems for a long time & with excellent heart medicines had survived all this time. We all are living on borrowed time, some longer than others. So make each day counts with your loved ones & live as if was your last day on this earth.