Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Amazon Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch

A first hands on by Engaget on the Kindle Fire. Very speedy browser. The tablet does't look sleek like an iPad. In fact, it appears a little thick. Its selling point is the price, at $199 it is $300 cheaper than the entry level iPad. I expect it to be very popular.

If I get one, it would mostly for reading kindle books in the dark, which I do regularly and accessing emails. I am not interested in the music and videos. Games are out too. I no longer make the time for such things.

I am quite interested in the Kindle Touch, which is the old kindle without a keypad and now support touch screen technology. I often look up words, underline and make notes. The keypad has been a test of patience to use each time. There could also be one surprising benefit. Perhaps the experimental web browser would now be practical to use, again because of touch technology.

And the Kindle Touch. Noticed that the screen refresh is so instantaneous, it is hard to tell a page flip. Finally a more usable keypad on the display.

Promised wifey to put up the official Kindle Fire video for her to view.

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