Friday, November 19, 2010

Where is Lloyd Jenkins?

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

Today Lloyd Jenkins email finally failed. I wanted to send him a Thanksgiving movie. I haven't heard from him for at least three years. Prior to that most of his emails were incoherent. You see, my friend was suffering from Alzheimer. He had it even when I first knew him six years ago. His wife Goldie also suffered from the same disease and passed on before him. He was a true soldier, former fighter pilot and test pilot for the USAF had put in a good fight. He surprised himself how long he lasted.

He and Michele were the earliest supporters for my Inspirational Flash Movie site. I will always cherish the memory of him even if I have never ever met or seen him in a photo. I pictured him as a physically fit man often helping his neighbors solve their snow in problem. He welcomed me to visit him in the States but was also realistic that we are more likely to only meet in the life hereafter in God's kingdom.

The Lord keep you and protect you Lloyd.

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